Monday, February 13, 2006

Mom's Day Off

As a Valetines/Returning Home from a Conference present, I gave my wife a much-needed and well-deserved mini-vacation. I sent her off to Eureka Springs, to a bed and breakfast, complete with a massage appointment for today. She spent the night last night and will be coming home sometime today. (At least I hope she'll come home!)

So ... I have been doing the Mr. Mom thing, and here are some highlights:

- I watched the Olympics with the kids last night. It was a lot of fun pretending to be a luge and speed skating expert. Someday they will realize how little I actually know. Teaching them to root for Americans and against the French was a lot of fun, though.

- I slept with the TV on last night, a reflex of missing my wife! So this morning, when the kids came in at the crack of dawn, I just switched the channel to cartoons and rolled over for another thirty minutes of rest. Sweet!

- We have never really pictured ourselves as having the right personalities to do the homeschool thing, but I had a lot of fun helping Mattie write her paragraph about Washington DC for the History Festival at school. Listening to her read still amazes me!

- I love to watch the kids interact with each other. Just a minute ago, Mattie was getting in Vinny's face, hugging him and telling him over and over than she loves him. When we went for a walk earlier, Mattie held my hand, looked at Vinny and Charleigh walking in front of us and said, "I like those two so much. They are so cute."

My sentiments exactly.

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Sandy Mc said...

a mini vacation...alone...what's that? Sounds good. MY first time EVER (since we married in 1981) to go somewhere, alone, overnight without my kids was in May 2003 when I drove from MI to NWA with one week to buy a house. It was a long drive and a long week of work for a 43 yo lady at 34 weeks pregnant...not much of a vacation. Thanksgiving of 2004 I got to fly to Lansing and visit my old best friend and her new baby in Mt Pleasant. That was more like a vacation except for feeling nervous because I had not flown since 1983 and never have felt as good with someone else as the pilot as when I used to fly;) So that was a get-away w/o my kiddos but it was a sleep on an air mattress and help a first time mom with a new baby. I had a nice visit, but again not much of a vacation.
Roy and I did take a get-away together last May (the overdue honeymoon we never had) which was awesome! Also, I traveled with him to Chicago in Sept when he went for a conference to help him since he was not recovered from his back injury. Again, a nice trip, but not a vacation.

Well, that's my history! Anyway...glad you have a schedule that allows you to do such a nice thing for Ness. Someday...someday...maybe life will allow such a nice thing for me.