Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Monday Night Football

When it moves to ESPN next season, there will be a new team in the booth:

Mike Tirico
Joe Theissman
Tony Kornhiser

I am not a huge Tirico fan, but I don't usually mind him. I can't stand Theissman, even though I was once on a plane with him. But I love the Kornhiser move. He will bring a great combination of sports knowledge and humor. His presence alone will get me to watch.

I am hoping that Al Michaels will now make the move to NBC to do Sunday Night Football with Madden because when they are good, they are very good.


jdub said...

So...I was wondering if being on a plane once with Joe Theissman would change anyones oppinion of him?


Cathy said...

Love the Kornheiser addition as well. He is seriously funny.

Andrew said...

I will tune in just to listen to Tony. That guy is smart and funny. I used to love his radio show.