Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Thoughts

Well, besides the fact that I am sick to stomach about the Stillers winning, here are my Super Bowl thoughts.

Overall, the commercials were just so-so. Some made me laugh pretty hard, but overall, I thought they were below average.

The Rolling Stones were horrible. My kids kept saying, "These guys aren't as good as U2." I love my kids.

The refs were horrible. They took a TD away from the Seahawks and gave one to the Stillers. If what DJax did was pass interference, you would have to call that on every play. And, Big Ben was nowhere near the goaline on that play - you could tell by the look on his face as he put the ball across after he was already down. And then there was the personal foul call on Matt Hasselbeck on his tackle after the interception. Tacking on an extra 15 yards for that? Craziness. That was the drive the Stillers scored on the gadget play, so those 15 yards mattered!

Even beyond the refs, I was amazed and shocked at the Seahawks offensive game plan. Where was Shaun Alexander? He is the league MVP! He set an NFL record for TDs this year! Why is he not the centerpiece of your Super Bowl game plan? And time management. My goodness, Matt and Holmgren were just not on the same page at the end of both halfs. Horrible.

And ... where was Holmgren to shake Cowher's hand at the end of the game. That was tacky.

So, go ahead, all you Stiller fans in my life, give it to me. (Court already did.)


Sandy Mc said...

Robb said..."The Rolling Stones were horrible. My kids kept saying, "These guys aren't as good as U2." I love my kids."

Robb, though I understand your disappointment (we turned on the TV just to catch the Stones to see how it went) I would point out a couple things...first, The stones are like at a different place age wise than U2. Until U2 performs a similar concert at a similar age it is really not fair to compare the two bands. I think most people would rate the Stones of 20 years ago as "hot" no matter their venue.
Second, as one of the reviewers reports I read pointed out, the Stones were expected to work under a tight time frame that would probably not benefit any band (I am finding the farther you go past 40, the longer it seems to take to "warm up,"lol.) Also, as Roy pointed out they were performing as a small ensemble even though many groups like them use *extra* musicians and back up singers for gigs with similar attendance figures. Were they trying to "prove" something going without...or were there time issues with the set up?

Did you notice...Keith was moving and jamming, not standing in front of a multi-effects pedal array? That's the way Roy does it too, old fashioned "plug into a great amp and do some string bending!"

Anyway, wanted to put in my .02 and stick up a bit for my mom's generation;)

Cathy said...

I agree about the ref'ing completely. Those calls were game momentum shifters. Hasselbeck was throwing well in the first quarter, which could be why the limited use of Alexander. But I agree there as well.

And the end of both halves had me confused as well. It seemed as though Holmgren could not get the Roethlisberger touchdown out of his head, he was shown complaining about it to one of the refs as they were leaving at the end of the half. Could be why things fell apart.

And I don't see how Roethlisberger got into the end zone at all.

On a positive note for the Steelers, it was nice to see Fast Willie Parker run for a TD.

But why was Hines Ward the game MVP? Really? I could not figure that one out. Though I think I would have had a hard time picking any MVP from the game. Maybe the refs?

I was impressed with how Seattle took Polamalu out of the game.

One more year where the Browns' curse lives on.

Anonymous said...


Seriously the game stunk, Not sure if the officating was better the outcome would have been different (14 point swing, no TD for Ben, but one for the seahawks) the makeup of the game certainly would have changed.

Overall the game failed to generate the energy the last few have:
It was exciting to see the rams win by stopping the Titans a yard short
The Patriots winning by a field goal at the end
Denver winning one for Elway and then repeating.

This game was an exercise in ineptitude. The outcome was decided more on which team failed the least rather then which team played the best.

Finally not sure what's up with Holmgren. It seems on big games his teams fail to handle clock management. Seeing them waste chances at the half and end of the game on sunday wasn't a fluke - perhaps he's not the incredible football coach people make him out to be.

F.B. Jones said...

Why do you people love U2 so much? Never in my life have I been exposed to so many U2 fans. You People scare me!! Bono is Really cute though...