Friday, February 10, 2006

What My Wife Feels Like

I now know what it must feel like to be Vanessa ... kind of.

Aaron and I have been in Florida for the Launching a Purpose Driven Church Conference. Aaron made all of our travel plans and coordinated all of the details.

- I did not know what airline we were flying, what airport we were flying into, or the times of our flights.

- I do not have permission from Hertz to drive our rental car.

- I do not have a key card to the hotel room.

I am just along for the ride. All in all, it has been a good trip ... thanks, A.


klasieprof said...

DANG dude!! Did you grow boobs and a Uterus while drinking that FLORIDA water??? whew!!

Praying for both of you in Florida.


ness said...


Did you pack a rediculous amount of socks and underwear for A, as well as a little something spicy for yourself to wear?

Then you'd really feel like me.

Sorry, got a big bullseye on you. Better take cover.

Matt Book said...

I sure hope he gets you something nice for Valentine's Day.

a said...

I'm the man!

He did sport the colored undies today instead of the tidy whities, so maybe that means I'm special.

Robb said...

more special than you know

Sandy Mc said...

I have looked at this post each day and still don't get it??? Are you inferring women are just "along for the ride" in life? Not condemning you, but if you think that you need to get out more (and ask my hubby about how it is other places.)


Robb said...

Relax, Sandy. It's a joke. See how everyone (including my wife) is making funny comments? It's a joke.

courtney said...

I DON'T EVER WANT TO HEAR ABOUT MY BROTHER IN LAWS UNDERWARE EVER EVER AGAIN!!! I think you two will have to play rock sissor paper to decide who "the man" is on this one ha hahahahah
Ness is right, Robb...big bullseye...besides it's not like you dragged the kids along so,no, I don't think you do know what she feels like.