Thursday, February 02, 2006

What's In a Name, part two?

It has been established here that we can be discerning enough to distinguish that not everyone who uses the terms Baptist, independent, and fundamental are the same. Now ... can we exercise similar discernment with those who use terms like emergent and postmodern?

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Sandy Mc said...

you get my vote for "absolutely!"

Roy is my resident expert for defining postmoderism, but the one thing I definately agree with him on is that "postmodern" is a history definition...not a style of "church." A church might make an effort to welcome those who think along the cultural style of postmodernism, but the church itself is not "postmodern." I found an interesting discussion today on the central OH Emergent/C Cohort blog. It really spoke to me as I have seen SO many young people torn between the two poles of "modern" and "postmodern" thinking. Check it out:

OK, the label "emergent"... Honestly it was only recently I placed that label on myself, though that was where I have been for some time. I believe there are SO MANY paths of emergence, a unique one for each of us, that I would say that the term emergent virtually defies definition.

Praising the Lord for each of us who emerges from our cocoon and manages to completly unfurl our wings while the storm blows all around us!