Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Archaeological Study Bible

We have been gearing up at Family Christian for the release of the Archaeological Study Bible, published by Zondervan. I have seen advanced copies and I am very, very impressed. It is a nice balance of scholarly reflection and evangelical sensibilities. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary is the driving scholarly force behind it, so this balance is evident throughout.

The Bible itself is beautiful. It's the first full color Bible ever published. The pictures, graphs, and articles will certainly deepen many people's experience with the Bible. And that is a good thing.

Zondervan is putting a lot of eggs in this basket - paying for training and contests and such. I hope it pans out for them. If you come into Family Christian in Fayetteville looking for a Bible, rest assured that I will recommend to you this one!

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Anonymous said...

An observation.

Your post about the bachelor garnered a number of posts but this one - about the bible has remained largely silent.

This new study Bible looks intriguing and I'll be checking it out over at (I prefer to give my business to them over amazon).

This is not a critique but just an observation that is all.

klasieprof said...

WELL anonymous..usually I have to READ a post, and think about it and mull it over...See how it may influence my thinking before I post. At least Most of the time
HOwever..with the bacholor..It had quite a following in a related blog, with MUCH discussion and laughter..and so the discussion could occur here quickly I think.
I myself didn't watch the paris series..I was watching HOUSE !! LOL.
I"m still wondering how much the Archaelolgical Study Bible IS, and IF I will have to remortgage the buy one..UNLESS SOMEONE gives me THEIR ADVANCE COPY!! (advance copy...echoing like subliminal thinking).....yAh.....