Thursday, March 23, 2006

Conference Call Report

Aaron and I talked this morning with Ron Sylvia, head of church planting for Purpose Driven, pastor of The Springs in Ocala FL, and author of Starting High Definition Churches. We talked for nearly 45 minutes and had an amazing time.

There have been many conversations that we have had with church leaders who have been patronizing with us, patting us on the back and saying, "Well, that sounds wonderful. God bless you. Be warmed and well fed." This was not one of those conversations.

It seemed like Ron really felt connected and personally invested in us. He said that God had laid us on his heart ever since he received the Vintage packet in the mail. He was very interested in our story and in our strategy. He offered us advice (which I think we will take - greatly accelerating our timetable). And he wanted to learn from us how to be both postmodern and purpose-driven. It was a really great conversation.

Bottom line - Vintage is in need of funds. Big time. He offered us some hope that some money might be out there, suggesting that he'd make some phone calls. We have to get another Vintage packet to him, along with a revised launch budget.

Cross your fingers, pray to the patron saint of church planting, and hope with us that this dream might yet materialize.

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Darla said...

hey robb... don't know if you've heard of bob hyatt - he's a church planter in portland. i've been following his community for a little over a year now. he's usually got very interesting/honest/raw thoughts about church planting. in fact, he just had quite a bit to say about it on his blog these last couple of days, which is found here:

thought you might be interested.

Anonymous said...

Where do you stand on your fund raising goals to date - 10% 50% 99%?

A said...

Not sure what Robb's take on it would be, but I'd put it at about 5% right now. That is our greatest need at the moment.

Courtney said...

Robb, has there been a decision yet about your job? Ness mentioned it the other day to me--was just wondering.