Thursday, March 02, 2006

Grass-Stained Pants

It has been a long time since I went home from school with grass-stained pants. But today I am.

On Tuesday, the boys at recess decided to play some football. Since there was a lot of fighting that ensued, I decided to jump in and be all time qb so that the fighting would end. It was a blast.

So today, one of the guys brought his nice football from home, replacing the beat up nerf ball we played with on Tuesday. The boys were lined up at the door 10 minutes early, chomping at the bit to go play. When we got out, there were uneven teams, so I actually played instead of just being qb for both teams.

The game was going well when I decided to go out for a pass as a receiver. I was open behind the defense. Luke threw the ball, a little underthrown, but not horrible. I turned to make the catch, got my hands around the ball, and tripped over one of the significant inclines in the field. I went down. The ball went rolling. And all the boys were on the ground laughing.

I was laughing too.

I wonder if Vanessa will laugh at having to get grass-stain out of my favorite pants.

... oh, and my team lost.

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ness said...

I am a genius of stain removal. Bring it on, Fun Bobby.