Thursday, March 30, 2006

Help Me Pick My New Bible

I am only two away from getting my free Archaeological Study Bible. Help me pick the cover I should get. Here are the choices:

Scarlet European Leather (the snap is just decorative)

Carmel and Mahagoney European Leather

Black Genuine Leather

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Dave said...

If you are really looking for advice, then I say the Camel one. The one in the middle. How did you come across this Bible? I have seen it in some stores and I am wondering what about it caught your eye?

jdub said...

My edition of the TNIV is like the one in the middle and I enjoy the middle eastern look to it. So I think that I would go the one in the middle

kingsjoy said...

No question: basic black.

BTW: enjoying Velvet Elvis, thanks!

A said...

#1 Camel ~ not only is it cool and distinctive, there is something about its look that FITS what the content of it conveys.
#2 Black ~ never a bad choice, but is just a standard, basic look.

ness said...

i like the red one

Anonymous said...

I have the black leather version and the it is big. Too big to be your general walk around bring to church bible imho. That said, I think the versions with the clasp are not as useful, but instead the standard black leather bible.

I'm still working my way through the Bible but is it me or are there less footnotes, its like they sacrifised the footnotes for the other articles. Plus the way they have the maps in the back. Try to find where corinth on the map - right smack in the middle of the margin, can't see it.

All in all I'm satisified with it, and besides its the WORD of GOD so it can't be bad.

A said...

The red one is girly. Evidenced by the fact that your wife likes it. Get the mahogany camel two tone cool one.

Cathy said...

I like the Camel one as well.

Robb said...


I work at a Christian bookstore and have been trained in selling the ASB. Zondervan is also running a promotion that if any sales associate sells 25 of them, they can receive a free one - thus my informal little poll here.


Robb said...


I am glad you like you ASB. I have been very pleased with the one I have been using. You are right that there are fewer study notes at the bottom then the Life Application, for instance. (There are still over 8,000 of them.) I think they were trying to push a lot of the content (and more comprehensive content at that) into the 500 or so articles. I like that the articles and footnotes are fairly well cross-referenced.