Saturday, March 25, 2006

Psychoanalyze Me

OK - the last two nights I have had wake-me-up-screaming-and-crying nightmares. (This is not a terribly uncommon thing in my life. I actually sought help from a counselor in 2001 because my nightmares were so bad.) But I am a bit disconcerted with these ones, so I thought it would fun to have all of you, my faithful grenzophiles, psychoanalyze me.

Thursday Night - I was working at Family Christian Store with three of my coworkers, all ladies. There was a lady (hispanic) who would not leave the store when it was closing time. She stayed and stayed and stayed, even though we told her that we were closed and she could have to leave. I got so frustrated that I went to the back and took a nap. An hour later, I woke up and she was still in the store. Finally, she said she would leave. She did, but she came back with her son (?) and a group of young people. Somebody started shooting at us in the store. I called 911, after having to remind myself that the number to call was not 344. By the time the cops came, the shooters were gone, and I woke up very, very shaken and gasping for breath.

Friday Night - I was on a massive ship. (I think it looked like the Titanic because I had just watched a couple of minutes of a show on the Titanic before going to bed.) The captain of the ship was a crazy man who always carried a gun and a knife. He ruled the ship as his own kingdom. I remember wandering and heading up on deck and into his domain. I was surrounded by corpses, newly killed people who had been shot and stabbed. Some of them I thought I knew, but I didn't recognize anyone in particular. They were all younger. I knew then that I needed to get off the boat. For some reason, he was sailing near our house. So, when I thought he was close enough, I dove off this massive ship. The water was freezing and I had a hard time getting back to the surface, but when I did, I swam for shore. I remember the crazy captain yelling at me from the boat, about how he would get me. I felt guilty for leaving other people on the boat, but I had to get off. When I got to shore, I found this very long ladder. I started climbing it, and it took me to my house. Vanessa and the kids were waiting for me, and we went to see a movie. Then I woke up, freaking out about the dead people on the boat.


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ness said...

You forgot to tell the part of how you woke me up screaming, then went on to have this conversation:

"Do you have those?"

(me) "Yes, I have them." (because I always play along when you talk in your sleep).

"okay, good."

(me) "yep."

"Dude, do you and Jaye T....mumble mumble mumble....Okay, I gotta go. I need to call Vanessa."

(me, trying to sound like A, now that I know I'm not ME in this conversation) "Dude, that's great."

Maybe you need more sex.

klasieprof said...

this is something I do on a regular not the nightmare part but the analyze part.

oh yah.but the most important part that I analyzed of your dreams was to send DONNA the new bible topogro;hy book

heh heh

Robb said...

really? nothing else on this? I at least expected some freudian analysis.

courtney said...

no, you don't want freudian analysis....cause that would mean that you weren't potty trained properly and you want to have sex with your mom. none of that's true, right??? okay, so maybe it has more to do with a certain church voting on a new pastor and you're not being in control of a truely defined church body, like you were before....
I play along when Ron talks in his sleep too---especially when he's trying to sell me musical equipment--it's pretty funny. Of course, then there are the times I'm telling him he'd better get the cakes out of the oven and he tells me there aren't any and I spaz.

jdub said...

Did you know that the last book that Freud wrote was a comentary on the book of Exodus. It was tripped out. I just thought that was interesting. His main thesis was that Moses stole the idea of Monotheism from the Egyptians (there is enough credit to the arguement for it to still be talked about today).

Totally random, but, umm...I think that the first dream is saying how much you love your job at FBC, and how much you dislike this particular employee, in fact all hispanic people in general. But the fact that you were there shows that you are willing to put your personal racism aside to help them. Although you are not a fan of teens with guns.

The second dream shows that even though you love your family they are second to you, you would leave them on a boat with a mass killer is crazy, but you do have a heart because you went back for them. The idea that you went to your house is significant because you don't have a house of your own at the moment (or at least one that you live in) this is your subconscience telling you that you need to do something more with your home situation. And something also tells me that you have Penis Envy (Freud reference) But very happy that you didn't tell us Oeidpus dream (Another Freus reference).

Robb, I'm glad to help!

A said...

Ok, this needed time, which I did not have until now, to give an appropriate response. So, here goes.

The Hispanic lady is your adopted daughter. There are times when you still cannot believe that she is yours and is not going away. There are times whe wears you out, and you need more sleep, so you go take a nap. You fear for her future, and that her children might turn out to be gang members. My gun stories lately infused into the scenario and you envision your grandchildren as gun toting vigilantes.

Dream #2 is a bit more deeply rooted. The ship captain is God, and the ship is Vintage. All the dead people represent the people we are going to try to reach with Vintage. In your renewed effort at prayer via the PAPA prayer book, you're conception of God is still not fully formed. There are moments when you feel like he is a scary tyrant. You are also not sure if all these postmodern thinkers amount to much more than a bunch of walking zombies. Sometimes you just want to ditch the entire idea and run home to wify and kiddos. Of course, doing so would mean jumping back into the deep cold water of the unknown, but eventually you'd find your family and feel warm and cozy again.

Clear as mud?

A said...

Oh, and about the talking to Vanessa in your sleep thing. I think that may be the most disturbing part of all. Firstly, wondering if me and Jaye T. "mumble, mumble, mumble" (is that a new form of "yada, yada, yada" which we all knew what THAT meant!). Secondly, that V would attempt to and evidently succeed at trying to sound like me. It is all just very disturbing.

ness said...

Dude. Would you rather he called you?

A said...

If that means I was gettin' some, yes.

Sara said...

First of all, as a single woman, I just have to ask, Am i allowed to take part in this It seemed to go from a pg-13 dream to a little over the R-rated spectrum but i have seen more with these eyes (that i'm not necessarily proud of) than most of you married people so I will grant myself grace and to analize these dreams in a non-fruedian way.

I would say Rob, that you have a lot of stress on your plate right now and that you like your job at FBC but would easily trade it for something else... I would also say that you find peace at home with your wife and kids even on the most craziest of all days and I would also agree with Erin on the whole God and the ship scene.

Some advice to avoid future nightmares, don't watch documentaries on the titanic or other deadly disasters right before going to bed.