Sunday, April 02, 2006

So, I Caved to the Pressure

You pressured me. You hounded me. You ridiculed me. And I caved.

I liked the red Archaeological Study Bible best, but I didn't want people to make fun of my purse-like Bible. So, on Friday, after I sold my 25th ASB, I faxed a form to Zondervan saying I would like a Carmel and Mahagoney European Leather Bible with "Rev. Robb Ryerse" printed on it.

By the way, of the 25 ASBs I sold, I would guess that 18 of them were sold to women. I don't know what that means.

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A said...

Good for you!! I was afraid we were going to have to be seen in public together, me and you, and you with a man purse.


kingsjoy said...

As far as more women buying the bible, that's easy. Women like the bible more than men do. Or, is it just that they shop more than men do? ;)

Sara said...

I'm eventually going to read this book called "Why men hate going to church" or is it "WHY men hate church"

It is apparently all about how men feel like they lose their masculinity by going to church. Often most men consider church something for women and children?

so, yeah, i've got to check it out

Cathy said...

When you get post purchase dissonance that you did not purchase the red one, kindly do not blame us.