Thursday, July 06, 2006

Huh? What is the gospel again?

Baldwin criticises Bono's charity work

Actor Stephen Baldwin has criticised Bono's crusade against poverty in Africa, insisting the U2 singer should preach Christianity instead.

The Usual Suspects actor, who is a born-again Christian, is convinced the world can only heal itself by following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

"You would do far more good if you just preached the gospel of Jesus rather than trying to get rid of Third World debt relief," the 40-year-old writes of Bono in his upcoming autobiography.


John said...

What's up, Robb? Haven't posted in a while. Hope you guys are doing OK.

I think that Bono is in a unique and enviable position. He basically has written his own ticket and lots of different political and religous groups are trying to rewrite it for him, and thankfully it won't happen. As if they know better as to what he should do with his influence and passion. As far as Baldwin's statement, I think that he is right in some respect's but his comments might be misdirected. I think that Bono does far better good in building a bridge to people getting the gospel. Does Bono share the gospel? No. To my knowledge he hasn't. Does he share God's love? Sure. But the gospel, no. By the gospel, I mean the good news that Jesus substituted himself in my place and paid the penalty for sin that I should have paid therefore allowing me to spend eternity with him in heaven. That is the good news and only good news. Aside from that gospel, all are in debt and without THE Gospel their is no good news.
Without hearing the context, I think Baldwin might do better to direct his comments toward the church and their watering down or neglect of THE Gospel.

Anonymous said...

I think that Bono does Evangelize but in more covert ways. He throws in biblical references in songs. He talks about God in his biography (I loved his thoughts on moving from a universe governed by Karma to one governed by Grace in conversations with Bono by assayas although I am butchering the name). So it is not hidden that Bono is a christian but he does not shout out that he is and that taking care of the orphans and widows is a biblical priciple. Although i wish he would; although, I beleave that he thinks that this would lower his effectiveness with what he is doing and probably his career. But, I personally beleave that taking care of each other has been downplayed in modern christianity unlike the early days.

By the way, nice blog I stumbled over from the vintage site.

Robb said...

I think that the gospel is the gospel of the kingdom. When Bono campaigns for the poor to be fed, widows to be cared for, and orphans to be protected, he is campaigning for the kingdom. And that is the gospel.

Granted, context would be helpful for Stephen Baldwin's comments, but why go after Bono? I hate to be cynical here, but Stephen has a whole new line of youth ministry products. It wouldn't surprise me if he is trying to raise his own profile (and sell stuff) by tearing down Bono. If I am wrong in this assesment, I certainly would be sorry (and happy) about it!

Sara said...

I think it is sad when people go after somebody because they don't seem to be doing "all" of the steps in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ but i do think that there needs to be a balance.

Paul talks about in the book of Romans how we here the teaching of the gospel through the preaching of the gospel and if we aren't preaching how can anybody else really listen.

I do think that actions definately speak louder than words they always have and probably always will but a person can't put there faith in Jesus Christ if they don't know that it is him they should be putting there faith in.

Like I said I think there needs to be balance unfortunately no one is perfect at finding that balance but maybe we should strive to.

ness said...

isn't there some crazy passage in the bible about "if we were all the feet, who would do the smelling?" (that's a pretty loose translation ;) Anyway, if we were all writing youth ministry material, where would the getting the attention of the western world off their own petty problems to pay attention to an entire continent of people who are dying by miserable As I tell my children, stop worrying about what HE's doing and do your OWN work.

ness said...

wicked big fish you got there JB!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge follower of U2, so it comes as a surpise the so many people believe he's a Christian. Except for doing some good works I have not seen any fruits of the spirit (but again I don't follow him all that much). I do see him living more of a lifestyle that seems counter to conventional wisdom of what people expect of a Christian.

The one thing that comes to my mind is his dropping the f-bomb on tv for some award show.

Like I said, I'm surprised that he is a Christian. In a way isn't that kind of sad, and I hope and pray that statement cannot be levied against me.

If Bono is a Christian (and again who am I to say he's not. I'm just surprised so many people assume he is) perhaps he should be a little more vocal with his faith - pun intended. I myself don't want to be known as a "stealth" Christian.

btw, I know he puts various Christian themes in his lyrics, but that doesn't mean he has given his life over to Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Bono has been vocal about his faith, take a look in

Also Google is your friend, plenty of hits were returned about Bono and his faith.

Allen said...

Hey anomymous just posted alink to the exact conversation I was talking about when I said I loved his conversation on karma to grace when I was posting anonymously. you guys should read it.

Robb said...

Yeah, I had that article on the Grenz here a while ago. I love what Bono said about the difference between grace and karma. And I think I remember JB cracking me up by saying he wished Joel Osteen knew the difference.

Robb said...

Here is the link to the discussion on the older, bluer version of the Grenz.

Kevin said...

I'm suprized that no one thru out the "social gospel" hot word, lol. I do agree a little with that one guy who talked about Bono's faith, and not possibly not seeing it, there are some things that are confusing to me.

but I respect the fact that he is probably doing more for the poor than most Christians would even dare to think about. Also, most would can it the "social gospel" which in my opinion is a lame excuse to do nothing, and ignore scriptural commands and encouragements.