Sunday, July 16, 2006

You Make the Call

I used to love that segment from NFL football when I was a kid. Here's your chance to make the call of what is wrong with me (not the usual things - this is a medical issue!).

A little known fact about me - I live in mortal dread that people think I am making up pain. I think it goes back to when I was in high school and had sporadic pain in my kidney, and for two years we went to doctors who told us nothing was wrong, until finally one figured out that I had a bum kidney. While I was relieved to find the problem, that episode taught me that people basically think I am faking it when I say I am in pain. Ask Vanessa how many times I have told her, "I am not making this up."

Without any further ado ...

Here is a picture of my swollen feet and ankles (and this isn't even as bad as it has been).

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and here is what I am going to tell him:

- Several months ago, I developed a pea-sized nodule on the side of my right heel. It only hurts if you push on it.

- A couple of months ago, my heels started hurting. I thought it was because I was on my feet so much at work, so I have tried different insoles, and even went so far as buying new shoes that would provide more support.

- About a month ago, my left ankle started swelling. And a week or two after that, my right ankle started swelling. The pain in my ankles is pretty bad. There are occasional "hot spots" on my feet that burn.

- Then my knees began to ache and swell. Last night, I noticed another little nodule on my right knee.

- In addition to all of this, I have been extremely cold. Like outside in hundred-degree weather, I am wearing a sweatshirt cold.

- I also have some lower back and wrist pain that would probably be more noticeable if my feet and knees didn't feel so badly.

- The pain is at its worst when I get out of bed or up from a chair after sitting for a while. It subsides a bit when I have been moving around for a while, and I was able to completely block it out at Vintage last week.

I feel like an old man.

You make the call. What is wrong with me?


A said...

One day the beings presented themselves to the Lord. The Prince of this World accompanied them. God said, "Where have you been?" He said, "Hangin' out in NW Arkansas."

God said, "Have you noticed my servant, Robb? He left everything in Michigan to start a new church and his house still hasn't sold. He's still plugging away, being obedient. Isn't he great?"

The Prince said, "Well yeah, he's a young buck with a supportive wife and three giddy kids. At his age, he could do this in his own strength for years without any need for you. Let me mess with him a little, c'mon, please?!"

God said, "OK, you can have a little fun, just don't kill him. And make the rest of us laugh a little in the process, will you? We'll see if he keeps trying to get this new church off the ground."

Satan said, "Ok, we'll see what he does if we make him feel like he's 60 and let him be cold when it is 100 degrees in Arkansas and everyone else is sweating their booty off. He'll curse you and wish he was dead."

Sound familiar?

No way you're going to rope us into giving you any "advice" since we know how that turned out for Job's friends.


ness said...

This made us laugh quite a bit. Then I had to go get him another blanket.

A said...

If he starts scraping himself with pieces of broken pottery, tearing clothing, or stops speaking for 7 days, please let us know. Then we'll know its getting serious.

If he's really cold, he can come mow my yard. I'm waiting for it to dip below 100 before I tackle it this evening. That probably wouldn't be good for the ankles either though.

Sara said...

it sounds like he has a virus of some kind...and the real question i have is this...

Why didn't you go have the pea size nodul checked out a few months ago...

i'm really glad you are going to see a very glad

sf said...

Hi Robb and Vanessa,
I have used this site to try to
diagnose my family's various symptoms over the years:

It is helpful sometimes.
I was wondering what was wrong when I read on Vanessa's blog that your feet were swollen.

Hope you get better soon Robb.

sf said...

oops, sorry, goofed it up somehow.

A said...

I'm guessing it is plantar fasceitis.

ness said...

aren't you clever A.

According to the symptoms list, it could be rheumatoid arthritis. Let's pray that isn't it, huh?

A said...

Yes, in all seriousness, we will pray that it is NOT rheumatoid arthritis.

However, there would be something humorous on some sick and twisted level if he DID have rheumatoid arthritis. Poor guy, arthritis at 30! At least we'd know he wasn't faking it, right?!??!

JAYBIRD said...

i used to walk 50 miles to school, uphill, in the snow and ice...with no legs either..