Monday, August 14, 2006

My Annual Football Predictions

It's a little early, but I am ready for some football. So ... barring major preseason injuries, here are my predictions for the upcoming season:


East - Miami Dolphins
North - Baltimore Ravens
South - Indianapolis Colts
West - Denver Broncos

Wild Cards - New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs


East - Dallas Cowboys
North - Chicago Bears
South - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
West - Seattle Seahawks

Wild Card - Arizona Cardinals, New York Giants

The more I look at this, the more I think it is subject to change. I really like the Washington Redskins, the Carolina Panthers, and the San Diego Chargers. Too bad one of them can't just take the playoff spot of the NFC North winner, who will be blown out in the first weekend of the playoffs.

For the fun of it, I would love to pick an all-Manning Super Bowl, but I think I am going to go with Denver over Tampa Bay in 41.

Ridicule away.


A said...

Did you see my quote from SNF last night on Crumbs? I'm kind of surprised that thread hasn't taken off in all sorts of directions.

rocket said...

You are picking Jake the Snake? I of course love Manning but I can understand you picking someone other than the Colts. But I can't see Plummer.

John said...

Robb, Robb, Robb...I'm actually happy you failed to give props to the Steelers again this year. I dug through your archives and realized that you didn't pick them for the division or the wildcard last year either. Needless to say, the Colts did not beat Carolina in Super Bowl XL. Hey man, looking forward to another year of Fantasy Football. I hope you are doing well and things are going good.

By the way, here is the archive from last year.



East - New England Patriots
North - Baltimore Ravens
South - Indianapolis Colts
West - Kansas City Cheifs

Wild Cards - New York Jets, San Diego Chargers


East - Dallas Cowboys
North - Detroit Lions
South - Carolina Panthers
West - St. Louis Rams

Wild Cards - Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles

Super Bowl XL:

Indianapolis Colts - 42
Carolina Panthers - 14