Friday, August 11, 2006


This is just a gut feeling as of August 11, but I don't think the Republicans are going to lose either the House or the Senate. Democrats are pinning their hopes to Ned Lamont's defeat of Joe Lieberman in the primary in Connecticut, but that was a primary, which indicates the mood of the Democratic base, not the electorate as a whole. If Republicans will speak out as conservatives, supporting the President in the Global War on Terror but criticizing him on domestic spending, they will win - and easily. Furthermore, I think the Republican base knows that if Democrats take the House or Senate, there will be impeachment proceedings against the President. That is enough to keep them motivated. This is one of the most interesting mid-term elections in memory.

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Court said...

I'm almost hoping Lamont gets the seat so he show everyone what an ass he really is. I think he'll make a great posterboy of the liberal stream of thought. It's also truely interesting that his main point to beat L. was the war on terror and the next day we heard all about the plot on 10 planes. I actually heard a guy on a radio interview in JFK say "it's like we really are at war against terrorist." excellant deduction, Mr. Obvious; thanks for crawling out of your hole and seeing the light. It's also interesting to note that Lamont's main (and,frankly, fascist) promises to go after walmart and microsoft (and anyone else who's making any money) falls in direct contrast to the fact that his two primary investments (of millions of dollars) is in said walmart and microsoft. If the media wants a guy, they get him.