Thursday, August 24, 2006

Three Strikes and I'm Out

Three times, my name has been submitted by our District Manager and the head of HR of our company to be the permament manager of our store.

Three times, the Regional Vice President has said no.

Oh well.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.


A said...

Did he officially shoot down Charlie's latest attempt?

So sorry.

Robb said...


Not a shock, but I am disappointed nonetheless. The thing I am kicking myself for is that I let myself get my hopes up again.

They are going to be sending an email to all the customers in our market saying, "Hey, do you want to manage our store?" That means I will probably have to field a million idiotic questions about it while I am doing the job I have grown to hate.

Blessed be the name of the Lord. (That's what I keep telling myself - and I might shave my head.)

Robb said...

If you and I ever have good news on the same day, it will be a Festivus Miracle!

A said...

Piss on 'em.

Let's erect the festivus pole and have some feats of strength!

Do you guys want a puppy?

Any word from the place you interviewed with on Monday?

A said...

I think BCS needs some admin. help. They'd probably start you at $10/hr.

ness said...

yeah, Family Christian would probably hire you, A.

and as to the puppy...trying NOT to laugh a wickedly witchy laugh.

A said...

I'm totally serious, about both.