Friday, October 20, 2006

Sandy Hill

Last night, a dear lady from our church in Michigan died after a tragic and unexpected heart attack during gall bladder surgery. We are dumbfounded and dismayed about this. I hate being so far away. I would love to shock her husband, Dan, by being there and by giving him a hug.

Sandy was a dear friend to Vanessa. She was a wonderful 3rd grade teacher who invited me to read to her class on a couple of occasions. I always admired Sandy (and her best friend Sally) because they were Christians who taught in public schools, showing all of us that kids and families can be impacted deeply when we engage them where they are at rather than pull away and hope they come to us.

But I will always remember Sandy for easily being one of my favorite people to preach to. Along with Sally and their friend Pat, Sandy formed the perfect congregation. They always sat off to the right, Sandy with her hymnal even though we sang from the screen, and they smiled at me when I preached. They laughed at my dry jokes and looked interested when I talked on and on. Honestly, I wish every pastor could have three ladies like them to preach to every week! Wonderful, wonderful ladies.

Sandy will be missed. By countless students, by her family, and by her old pastor.


J Wolf said...

What a tragic end to such a great life... she was such a wonderful woman who cared so much for all of her children, both those in the classroom and her two beautiful daughters... who so proudly followed her into teaching. I will never forget how she cared about me and all the others she taught long after the third grade... she will be greatly missed!

Anonymous said...

She was a very wonderful lady. It is very hard to handle the fact that she is gone. Damion is having a really hard time. He loves is teachers. Please pray for Damion, Edward and their friend Matt M. I do not think I have had so many boys cring on my shoulder as I have this week.