Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A & V

... and anyone else I suppose.

Check out this article from CT's Out of Ur blog. It is interesting (and affirming) in light of yesterday's conversations.


ness said...

I can't help asking the questions "they" posed at the conference...

Are we trying to grow a mushroom or an oak tree?

Are we trying to start a Starbucks or a Common Ground.

Anonymous said...

That was a good article. He could have easily queued a discussion of the post-modern distrust of corporate entities and boxed-in, cookie-cutter scenarios and still have hit the mark.

I just keep thinking of all of the congregations written about in the NT and how different they were from each other. Sure it's more messy, but God was doing amazing things through them.

Thanks for sharing!

A said...

Obviously, based on our conversation of the past 2 days, I agree with him and appreciate his approach to the issue.

I think especially to postmodern people, to whatever degree they are postie, they will gravitate toward the antithesis of the franchised approach to church.

I most like the analogy he painted with the people "passing through Starbucks to get their morning fix, but their tables are empty" while the local place he was in was "packed". Push the metaphor toward the church and I think we especially want Vintage to be the kind of place people gather, hang out at, loiter in, or otherwise sit around sipping the goods as opposed to "passing through to get their weekly 'spiritual' fix". I think six flags over Jesus and even our friends on Pleasant Grove Rd. have the latter market pegged.