Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What Needs to Happen for the Hogs to Play for the National Championship

OK - Maybe I have lived in Arkansas too long already, but I am contemplating how the University of Arkansas can get a shot at the national title game. Maybe I'm crazy, but here's what I've got.

First, they need to win out. If they don't finish the season by beating South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi State, and LSU AND pull the huge upset in the SEC Championship game against Florida, it's all moot.

Second, there needs to be VERY few one loss teams. The big dogs like USC, Notre Dame, and Texas all need to lose again

Those two things assumed, here's how it needs to shake out in my opinion.

1. Ohio State and 2. Michigan - Assuming they are both undefeated when they meet at the end of the season, one of these guys (maybe both) are going to be in the National Championship game. I think that the best scenario for the UofA is a blowout on November 18. If it is a close game, won on the last play, I can picture a National Championship rematch.

3. West Virginia - Needs to lose to Louisville or Rutgers. A one loss SEC team is inarguably better than a one loss Big East team.

4. Florida - If they lose to the UofA in the SEC Championship game, the Hogs are in. A loss before then (Florida State, anyone?) would be nice too.

5. Louisville - Needs to lose to Pitt or Rutgers after beating WV. The SEC is way tougher than the Big East.

6. Auburn - The BCS can't put Auburn in the National Championship game if they lost to the UofA who won the SEC, can they?

7. Texas - Texas A&M is the best hope for the needed second loss.

8. USC - Needs to lose again to either Cal or Oregon, but not Notre Dame because ...

9. Notre Dame - Needs to lose again, which is most probable against USC.

10. California - Needs to lose to either UCLA or USC if Oregon beats the Trojans.

11. Tennessee - If they lose to the UofA, they are done.

12. Rutgers - Come on, it's Rutgers.

What do you think?


A said...

I think:
1. You've obviously been drinking the Koolaid.
2. You have a little too much time on your hands.
3. They aren't good enough to be national champs . . . this year.

Robb said...

Oh, I don't think they'd have a chance in hell of beating OSU or Big Blue. I just am trying to imagine a scenario in which they'd get the shot.

Next year ... who knows.

I can see McFadden doing the Heisman pose.

Andrew said...

Do you really want your Hogs playing in the championship? Isn't there tremendous potential for humiliation if that happens?

I just hope my Wolverines can display some poise and confidence when thay play The OSU on Nov 18. Everything is falling into place for this to be a perfect season for us (or them.) Beat the best to be the best.

Kfitz said...


Clearly the new job is doing one thing for you---giving you some major time to do some dreaming...but i love the scenario