Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I Am about 12 Minutes Into

my 15 minutes of fame.

Here is the front page story about Vintage's Turned On series from today's Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

I will be on the Bob Steele radio show tomorrow morning on Little Rock's KARN. I'll post audio if there is any available online.

Oh ... and the ads actually started running today in the NWA Times.


Daniel said...

This is some good coverage you guys are landing.

Terry said...

This takes the cake. The concept of "Let's convert the world by first deceiving them" is far removed from ancient Christianity. Why use guile? Jesus never did. No guile in Him (1 Peter 1:22). I guess you use guile when you give up on truth.

Robb said...

Terry, welcome to the Grenz.

Our concept and intention is not to deceive the world and thereby convert them. Our intention is to talk about an issue that people care about from a biblical perspective. Anyone who visits and our church website will get a very clear impression of what this series is going to be all about.

Far from giving up on truth, we think that the truth of God's design for people's sexuality will transform their lives.

Anonymous said...

I do not live in your neck of the woods so I cannot attend, but I am curious what you have to say about porn, premaritial sex, homosexuality without stealing your thunder for your messages do you mind stating how you feel about those subject matters.

My point is it seems that christian churches are all over the map on this, some say porn isn't bad, some say it is. The same goes for the subjects I mentioned. Without ruining your messages please be so kind to expound a bit

Robb said...

A couple of things -

First, all of our services will be taped and will be available to watch on the Vintage website. I'll also probably have links here on the Grenz.

Second, let me say this - We believe that God made us as sexual beings and that he has a design for sex. When sexuality is expressed within God's design, there are few things in life that are more exciting and fulfilling. But when we go outside of God's design, sex can cause great pain and disappointment.

Third, I am very hesitant to give quick yes or no answers in this context because I am very sensitive not just to what I say but also to the attitude with which I say it. I am not convinced that a short post on a blog can adequately communicate the grace with which we are planning on talking at Vintage in February. I am not copping out; I am just trying not to muddy the waters for someone who is considering coming to Vintage in February.

Is that ok?

Terry said...

Robb, so you going to try and teach the truth. OK. That is not my point. The "bait and switch" method you are using is the problem. Your answer dodged my point completely. Your intention may be one thing, but your actions are another and they are still deceptive.

Robb said...


There is no bait-and-switch here. We are not saying, "Hey, come to our church for a free Playboy," and then handing out copies of 1 John. The website we are directing people to asks a series of thought-provoking questions which then leads to our church website where the line of discussion for each Sunday is clearly mapped out. It's just not a bait-and-switch.

It's ok if you're uncomfortable with our line of advertising. We have said from the beginning that Vintage is a church for anyone, but it is not a church for everyone. We know that not everyone will agree with our theology or methodology. And we're ok with that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anyways, I'm not surprised a little disappointed but I'm not surprised. I've asked other clergy and gotten pretty much the same answer nobody when asked face to face is willing say its right or wrong (porn/premaritial sex), they just hem and haw then direct me to an up and coming sermon or an old taped sermon to which they don't really say anything.

I'm trying to get my head wrapped around what is right and wrong unfortunately nobody is willing to stick their necks out and say what is right and wrong.

Good luck on your message hopefully your ad campaign works and you fill the seats

Robb said...


Sounds like you need to talk. Let's not do it on a blog. Shoot me an email - rryerse (at)