Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rudy '08

I now have a horse in this race.

My guy, Rudy Guiliani, has filed paperwork with the FEC about his campaign for the Presidency. He has said that he is "in it to win." He will be making a formal announcement soon.

I am thrilled.

I have been a fan of Rudy since we lived in New York City. In a very literal way, he is personally responsible for the dramatic drop in crime in America in the 90s. His techniques for NYC were copied by cities around the country. America was a better place to live because Rudy was mayor.

September 11 cemented his reputation as a leader in times of crises. It has been said that American Presidents are most known, not for what they campaigned for, but for how they respond to the unexpected challenges of their presidencies. Rudy has proven his ability to provide clear and confident leadership when America needs it.

Rudy can be a unifying figure, one who transcends typical political pigeonholing to build a common sense consensus from which to govern. Sure, some religious conservatives won't like him. Sure, some partisan liberals won't like him. But America does like him. And that's what matters.

Rudy '08. Somebody get me a bumpersticker.


Sara said...

I think that i can agree with you on this one.

ness said...

Not your average nice family guy. Don't let his kid in on the campain trail

But, yeah, I could do that.

ness said...

It won't happen though uless he gets a rug.

Bald guys have never won a Presidency.

courtney said...

neither has anyone with a vagina but this isn't going to be a normal race....hold on to your underware. Whoever gets it is gonna be a one termer anyways.

klasieprof said...

Robb..Don't you have a RUDY blog??


Anonymous said...

Thanks in part to the current administration, the odds of having another republican in the oval office is slightly to the left of nil.

I think the voting public has shown that they are tied of having the republicans in power.

Robb said...

Ness - baldness is the new black.

Court - why are you convinced the next president is a one termer?

Donna - I did at one time. I took it down because I got bored with it. It might be time for a revival. It's Guiliani time!

Annonymous - this election is still a long way away. A lot can happen between now and that November Tuesday in 2008.

courtney said...

it's the chaos factor. The next presidency is going to be about the war and national security and while I want G., I'll be pleasantly suprised if he gets it. The Democrats don't have a strong enough candidant to cover 8 years, just enough to make a cover for the next 4. It's a transitional point in America, when you consider the baby boomer/gen X vote. The conservative aspect won't be ripe for another 4 years. That's why.

Anonymous said...

Rudy will not be my horse because he is pro-choice. Would Jesus support a pro-choice candidate?