Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Lost Tomb of Jesus

Here are just a couple of my thoughts about the Discovery Channel show on the alleged tomb of Jesus:

- Why would Jesus' family tomb be in Jerusalem? During his lifetime, he spent precious little time there, and it certainly wasn't his place of residence. (If it had been in Bethany, we might have something else to talk about.) Why would he already (at age 33) have a family tomb in Jerusalem where his body could be deposited after his disciples stole it from the borrowed tomb where he was laid after his death?

- Why, for the filmmakers, are the Gospels reliable for some details but not others? There seemed to be a selective acceptance of the Gospel accounts that simply fit their predetermined conclusions.

I recommend Darrell Bock's blog for people wanting a very thorough critique of the Discovery Channel documentary.

There is more to say, but my gut tells me that this special is much ado about nothing. It will be forgotten with in a week - but Jesus won't be.

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courtney said...

yeah, plus nobody else used the names Jesus, Joseph or Mary---totally unheard of in that time.