Thursday, March 29, 2007

What Would You Call This?

Seriously, what is it?


A said...

A water bottle???
What's the catch?

Robb said...

One vote for water bottle. Anyone else?

courtney said...

I hope it's not an "adult toy"
yeah, what's the catch?

A said...

16 oz PC Loop-Top Bottle - Gray


sjarvis said...

It's a "nalgene." Also sometimes called a "nalgene bottle."

klasieprof said...

Hydration system???

Made of super-tough smoke-gray polycarbonate, with an attached loop-top cap that won't come loose. Dishwasher safe (top rack, but make sure it does not touch heating element). Withstands temperatures from -135ºC (-211ºF) to135ºC (275ºF).

Amber said...

I was gonna say water bottle, but that's already taken. crap.

how about "npkkydd"?

A said...

C'mon, fess up. What's the big deal?

ness said...

a nalgina?