Friday, April 20, 2007


It would not surprise me if the eventual nominees for president from both parties are not yet in the race. Just saying.


courtney said...

why? are you going to run after all?

A said...

Yeah, don't make a prediction like this that could very easily come true, being so vague. Name your horses!

Robb said...

I am not eligible until 2012, Court - which seemed a loooooooooooooong way away when I figured that out in Junior High.

Robb said...

Well, A, I am not sure, but it just wouldn't surprise me.

Fred Thompson?
Newt Gingrich?
A democrat governor we've never heard of?
Howard Dean?
Jeb Bush?

courtney said...

Jeb's not running. It would political suicide for him and he knows it. You know the world's supposed to end in 2012 so it might be the perfect time to run, bro.