Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Our Church

I know every church in America has stuff like this going on, but it is so cool when it is our church.

- A man in our church sold his keyboard to Vintage so that the band could use it every week, and then he used the money to fix up his Suburban so that he could give it to another couple in the church whose car is broken down but they didn't want to invest in a new one because they are going to New Zealand to start a new church in a year.

- A young girl moved to Arkansas to help get Vintage off the ground. A couple of weeks later, her grandfather in New Jersey died. Vintage chipped in and paid for her plane ticket to go home for the funeral.

- A young family began attending Vintage because we reduced the price of their gas. Then in the same week, both the husband and wife lost their jobs. We were able to help with groceries and the gas bill. The wife started a new job recently and the husband has had several interviews. If they didn't have their rent by noon yesterday, they were going to be evicted, literally put out on the street. Vintage didn't let that happen.

(If you'd like to give to help this young family, you can do so through our paypal account. Use this link.)

- Vintage has fixed car problems, made meals and collected diapers for new parents, sponsored needy children around the world, sent anonymous gift cards, spoken encouraging words, donated to a family whose house burned down, given hugs, not to mention pumping gas, helping with the homeless census, supporting some local agencies and cleaning bathrooms of fast food restaurants.

There really is nothing better than the church being the church.


corexian said...

All this in less than a year, too! It makes me very excited to be a part of Vintage during year two!

Harold Camping said...

Stay out of the liberal churches!