Thursday, July 26, 2007

Snakes and Lizards and Muskrats, Oh My

I spend most of my lunch hours at my favorite place in Northwest Arkansas, St. Catherine's Cathedral at Bell Gable. It is a wonderful and quiet place where I pray and read and think and sit. I have seen some pretty cool creation-things there. A few months ago, I watch a crow pluck a crayfish out of the creek. This week, I've seen other sights.

Snakes. There is water snake that lives by the creek. I hadn't seen him in several weeks. But I have twice the last couple of days. Today, there were two snakes. The larger one was sunning itself inside the grill, while the small one was resting on a rock. I looked up from my book to see the small one lift its head up, yawn, and put its head back down. Have you ever seen a snake yawn? I hadn't either.

Lizards I've also seen a couple of Western Skinks this week. One was full grown, with dark stripes. Today, I saw a baby. I have never seen anything quite like it. It had a bright orange head and an iradescent blue tail. So cool.

Muskrats Yesterday, I was walking along the creek when I noticed something in the water. It looked like a small beaver with its big hind feet. But it had a long tail like a rat. It swam underwater in a large circle and then disappeared into the long grass two feet from where I was standing. It was a muskrat, scouring for fish or crayfish to eat. Today, I didn't see it, but the area where I had seen yesterday was very murky. It had obviously been swimming around.

God is so cool.


Aaron said...

You Western Skink, You.

Aaron said...

Speaking of creation, the Grenz improvements are uber-cool.

Good jorb.

corexian said...

We've been seeing a lot of skinks around here too. They've been very picture shy lately.

Hannah said...

I know the feeling, as a child I never had the experience of seeing a bald eagle with the exception of the zoo. In the last year I have had the privelege of pointing to a tree or the sky and showing each of my children a bald eagle living in it's natural habitat....God is cool.....especialy when we stop exterminating his creation.

courtney said...

I can't see a skink without thinking of one of the first conversations I had with my now father-in-law where I accidently called it a "skank" 'nuf said