Monday, August 20, 2007

Hey Upper Management Guy,

When I am standing at the urinal, I don't want to talk about the weather.


Matthew said...

I hate that too. There seems to be a class of men who feel the need to yammer on no matter what is going on around them.

They are particularly troublesome in bathroom-type situations because it's like they see you as a captive audience for their endless jibber-jabbering.

The horror, the horror... ;-)

A said...

When asked at the urinal how the weather looks, answer this way:
"Looks like 100% chance of steady showers." Then make change aim to make heavy rain sounds.

When asked in a stall about the weather, answer this way:
"Sounds to me like a thunderstorm is brewing." Then let one rip.

My favorite when standing next to an "older" man at the urinal who likes to chat? Finish quickly and loudly so he feels the awkwardness of his weak stream and ends up talking to himself after you've washed and left and he's still stuck dribbling.

Robb said...

A, your post assumes I have good stream control.

Allen said...

Well what would you rather talk about ?

Ron said...

oooo this has happened to me before... I started swaying my hips making figure 8's with my stream as I hummed "Whistle While You Work." When I finished I flashed this big grin and with chipper enthusiasm exclaimed, "I love working for this company!" Several weeks later I was heading to the restroom and saw the same guy coming from the other direction to use the jon too. One look at me and he did a 180 - I almost pee'd myself right there and then laughing. Oh, right, sorry my "inside" blog voice - got it!