Monday, September 03, 2007

I Am on the Bandwagon

Darren McFadden could be the greatest college football player I have ever seen. He finished second in Heisman voting last year and is the front runner this year. I will be tracking his stats throughout the season in the column on the right. And ... because Felix Jones is Robin to D-Mac's Batman, I'll include his stats too. Woo Pig.


A said...

You forgot the Sooie.

Robb said...

Crossover Liquors - right on the corner, right on the price - has some radio commercials that end with the guy saying, kind of forcefully, "Woo Pig" without the Sooie. I have always liked the way it sounded, so I'm going with it.

A said...

Maybe it was because I was expecting to be dazzled and have become used to his abilities, but I was underwhelmed by his performance last Saturday. It seemed pretty average. The stats put him ahead of Felix, but it felt like Felix had the better game. I would have thought that against a team like Troy, he'd have better opportunity to break one or two and really shine to start off his run for the trophy. I don't know, what do you think? Am I expecting too much or was this a game to shake the rust off for everyone and will he improve as the season progresses? If the HOGS are going to have any success against good teams this year, he is going to have to step up and have bigger games than this one, IMHO.

Matthew said...

I'm actually hoping for the Razorbacks to tank this year as it is the only way to get rid of Houston Nut (it is time for him to go). Costing us Mustain was one thing (who knows if he would have ever lived up to his potential) but costing us Malzahn (pardon spelling) was unforgivable. Mediocrity is the best that the Razorbacks can hope for with Nutt half-baking at the helm (if there's one thing I know intimately and can discern when I see it, it's mediocrity).

I hope Jones and McFadden (and the other quality players on the team) have a good year stats-wise (I assume this is possible--I am not a sports fan and, with this one exception, I ignore all althletics) so they can go on to bigger and better things, but I hope most of the games this year are losses. I am not rooting against the Razorbacks but against Nutt (and Broyles by extension) for the greater good of the program.

Just think of me as your friendly neighborhood Razorback football heretic.