Thursday, September 13, 2007

The More Things Change ...

So I was reading some prayers I had written over two years ago, and it was pretty interesting.

I am amazed at how much our circumstances have changed. I am praying now about very different situations than I was two years ago. I had been praying for specific people in our previous church and for the budding dream of Vintage. Now, I am praying for specific people in our current church in the dawning dream of Vintage. Things have really changed.

But I was amazed even more by how I haven't changed much. I am still confessing the same sins, still expressing the same doubts, still offering up the same cliches, still struggling with the same things.

I am not sure if I found this exercise comforting or disconcerting. Maybe both.


A said...

In the words of Pink Floyd:

The sun is the same,
in a relative way,
but you're older.
Shorter of breath,
and one day closer to death.

Hey Kool Aid said...

Pink Floyd rocks!! I'm aurprised a pastor likes rock music!! I thought all rock music is from the devil!! Classic bands like AC/DC, KISS, Led Zepplin, Blue Oyster Cult, ELO, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Dio are said to be seads from the Devil. And as a Christian I still love these bands even though they are seads from the Devil..