Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stuff That Used to Be a Big Deal

I was thinking this morning about stuff that used to be a big deal that isn't any more. I don't think these problems got solved. They just fell off our collective radar. Here's my list. Do you have any more?

Acid Rain
Ring Around the Collar


Matthew said...


--Backmasking and/or subliminal messages
--Satanism/Satanic cults
--Cults in general
--Peak oil/nuclear war/environmental collapse
(anyone recall such fine movies as The Road Warrior, Soylent Green, Silent Running, Testament, The Day After, Defcon 4, A Boy and His Dog, Escape from New York, etc ?)
--The commies invading (Red Dawn anyone?)
--Commie infiltration/subversion (which gave rise to McCarthyism)
--New Coke
--Crystal Pepsi
--Fluoridation of major water supplies
--Reefer madness
--LSD laced sticker/tatoos (also apples with razor-blades inserted within them)
--*sigh* The New Age movement
--The Counter Culture
--Jack Chick (that may be more of a personal concern ;-) )
--Skinheads (I think people should worry about this sort of thing more)
--Organized crime

klasieprof said...

What about...WEll simply ...

When I was a kid..."QUIET!! MOM'S ON LONG DISTANCE!!!"
it was a VERY big deal!

Whatever that thing women used to get with certain VERY absorbent tampons--can't think of it..but you know..they'd leave ONE in for 42 hours and wonder why they were keelin over in ER rooms. (sorry)

Ironing-- we used to have a "MANGLE" this big aqua thing that ALL the sheets, towels, pillow cases would go was Huge and took up 1/8 of the living was circular, and a BIG IRON. you usually got better results if stuff was slightly damp.

LEAVING NOTES!! "I better KNOW where you are"..Why? no cell phones!!

klasieprof said...

...remembered a day later..Toxic Shock syndrome.

Anonymous said...