Saturday, September 01, 2007

When Is Mom Coming Home?

One is in her room crying because she got in trouble for scratching her sister's friends while they were playing outside. She got spanked and grounded from playing outside today and tomorrow.

One is in my room crying because her friends don't want to be friends with her because her sister scratched them.

One is in his room crying because he misses his mom. When I told him to get his sisters, he replied through sobs, "I can't because the girls remind me of mom."

When is mom coming home?

I better take them out to the pool before there is a total meltdown. Hopefully it will wear them out enough that they will sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

OHHH The Melodrama!! No matter WHO is home, Joy always wants the OTHER one.

Matthew said...

Ouch! Had Mom even been gone for 24 hours?

I'm impressed, Robb--I think I'd be in pretty bad shape after all that (intense melodrama makes my head hurt). You're like Superman or something.

You should perhaps have A come over and help, so he can have some practice at being a Dad and having to deal with melodrama and general insanity (heh, heh, heh...).

This actually makes me so glad that I've never been in even the most remote danger of having children myself (being something of a loser does have its upside at times). ;-)

I just have to deal with Mother's second childhood a little and that's pretty much it.