Saturday, November 10, 2007

4th and 1

The Browns defense is not great. It is not good either. It has been a "bend but don't break" defense this year. And it has. In two of the Browns' wins, the defense iced the game with an interception.

And in the last two wins, against the Rams and Seahawks, in two occasions in each game, the Browns defense held on 4th and 1. Four times in two big wins, when it mattered most, they held on.

Woof. Woof.


A said...

Too bad the Stillers rained on your parade yesterday . . .

Bryan Allain said...

hey robb,

been looking over your's a good read. thought you might like to check out the sports/faith blog i launched last month, Prayers for Blowouts ( if you like it, maybe we can trade links. you can email me at bryanallain-at-gmail-dotcom. (i also run donald miller's fan site at, not sure if you've ever checked that out before...)

nice reading list, by the way.