Friday, November 16, 2007

The Path to Victory

As I have suggested here on the Grenz before (too lazy to look up the links), Rudy's path to victory is assuring cultural conservatives that he will only appoint "strict constructionists" to the judiciary. The courts is the battleground for the "culture war," and religious conservatives know it. They could tolerate Rudy (especially over the apparent alternative) if he pledges to appoint judges that will be foot-soldiers in their battle. He is doing it. And I think it will pay off, especially with Pat Robertson now on board.


Anonymous said...

Guilliani won't win the election. Hillary will bring us back the good years we had in the 90's.. That is a promise..

Anonymous said...

strict constructionists, battleground, war, soldiers, battle..does the Christian right need to always couch their code in warfare terms or does that just somehow make you feel better when it comes to justifying the war that none of you want to get us out of...and Pat Robertson is somehow going to make what better?

Hey Kool Aid said...

I vote for Rick Warren for President!!osqwmb