Wednesday, December 05, 2007

If I Only Had One Day to Live

I would want it to be a Sunday.

Get up early
Go to Vintage with my friends
Eat a family dinner cooked by Vanessa
Watch a Browns game with Vinny
Clean up the house
Eat toast and hot chocolate while watching AFV and Extreme Makeover with my kids
Kiss them goodnight
Sit quietly with Vanessa on the couch

Yeah, that sounds about right.

How about you - if you only had one day to live, what would you do?


A said...

I think mine would be New Years Day and would go something like this:
Sleep in until I wake up spontaneously.
Breakfast in bed.
Other stuff in bed.
Football on tv.
Lunch in bed.
More football on tv.
Big celebratory dinner.
More football on tv.

Robb said...

Lots of bed, football, and food there.

H said...

If I only had one day to live: I WOULD NOT DO ANY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

matthew said...

I'd probably kill myself. I don't think I could stand the anticipation or the indecision (indecision is the the true bane of my existence) on what to do with myself.

Also, if the net effect is the same, why not get it over with? The quicker, the sooner...

A said...

Ok, I guess I read the question too hastily. Thought you were just listing your idea for the best day ever, not necessarily the one day to live idea. I'd probably do something much more productive if I only had one day left. My list is probably more appropriate in response to the question, "what would you do if you had a lot of days left to live and could burn one on completely selfish activity?"

Robb said...

That is a relief.

Justyn said...

1. Wake up as early as possible.
2. Prepare a press release letting everyone know that at midnight I was going to die.
3. I would buy the biggest friggin' life insurance policy I could possibly buy.
4. I'd go on some crazy adventure with my wife.
5. Get back in time to "meet the Press" and drop some incredible speech that will make my children cry.
6. Drive the fastest car I could get my hands on out into the boonies.
7. Sit in under the stars with Tara until I'm gone...