Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's Quiz Time

Whose words are these:

There are those who believe that America cannot break or shake its addiction to fried, sugary or over-salted foods. These people believe that we are incapable of shifting our unhealthy culture, which is making us fatter, unhealthier, and more likely to die prematurely. History shows that we can, in fact, help Americans to change, not by force-feeding them government restrictions or requirements but by first changing the attitudes and atmosphere in which we live. Eventually, having shifted public opinion, we can solidify the attitude and atmospheric changes with government actions that define the will of the majority.


Allen said...

I know because I googled it but I would guess that is cheating. So, I'm not tellin.

Anonymous said...


Robb said...

Got it.

Question #2 - What is Huckabee revealing about his governing philosophy with these words?