Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back from the Brink of Death

So, this week, I have been just about as sick as I have been in my life. Two other times, I can remember being as sick as I was this week. When I was 4, I had strep throat at Christmas time. Miserable. When I was in college, I got strep again and my throat swelled shut. I spent two weeks in bed, one of them being Spring Break. I lost 15 pounds. Miserable. And this week. Miserable.

I started feeling yucky on Friday or Saturday, but I didn't think too much of it since it was a big week at Vintage. We started a new series ... and I had to bring my A game. Sunday evening, we had our small group meeting, which was one of the best we've ever had. By the time we were home and headed to bed, I knew I was in trouble.

When I got up on Monday morning, it felt like my tonsils were flapping in the back of my throat. I tried to do as my mom taught us, "get up, get showered, get dressed ... you'll feel better." But I wasn't going to make it. I don't really remember Monday. I slept all day. I don't really remember Tuesday either.

But I do remember getting up Tuesday evening to head to the clinic. I brushed my teeth. That almost did me in. With all the swelling back there, my gag reflex took over. I gagged and gagged and gagged. Most miserable. And to top it off, the clinic was too busy for me to get in Tuesday.

So I went again on Wednesday morning. Got in this time. Later on Wednesday, Charleigh said to me, "Daddy, do you remember when the doctor put the stick in your throat and it made you puke?" Yes, Chuck. I remember that.

But I got some antibiotics and some food into me. And I am on the way back to the land of the living. I'll be headed back to work tomorrow. Missing work has sucked, since I lost a very valuable week. Oh well.

All in all, the only bring spot in all of this has been my sweet bride Vanessa. She has taken wonderful care of me. She slept on the couch in hopes of not getting sick. But she did. She went to the clinic yesterday too and was diagnosed with strep as well. Hopefully she got on the antibiotics early enough to avoid what I went through.

Happy Valentines Day, baby. No box of chocolates this year. But please enjoy this nice bottle of medicine I got you.


H said...

Medicine is the best er.....medicine.

Glad your back.

klasieprof said...

Hey Dude, Glad you didn't die. that would well..that would have really sucked. Yah. Really.

ness said...

Tell me about it!

corexian said...

Sorry about that, Rob! We basically had the same experience over the winter holidays. No fun.

Glad you're on the recovery.