Monday, February 18, 2008

Knight Rider 2.0

Unwatchable. Yikes.


A said...

Are you serious? I loved it!! You're kidding, right?!

H said...

I was so let down by this show, I had my nostalgia all ready and it was such a let down. Holy bad acting batman!

Matthew said...

Well, shoot, how good could it be? It' doesn't have "The Hoff" driving Kit. ;-)

Robb said...

A, I gotta tell you - I am not sure I have seen a more cheesy, badly-acted, predictable-written TV show in my life. I dvr-ed it, and couldn't finish after 45 minutes or so. Truly brutal.

Aaron said...

Ok, first of all, like the first one was "well-acted"?? We're talking David Hasselhoff here, in his debut role no less. Maybe it is cause I am a Mustang lover, I found it pretty cool. I thought the new 'Mike' bore a scary resemblance to the Hoff in his day. The one caveat I would put forth is that I didn't watch it minute by minute start to finish. I was flipping back and forth between that and something else on another channel, so maybe some of the poor acting and cheese was lost on me.

klasieprof said...

That is my former co-worker, who helped with the parts for this show.
He retro fits vehicles to turn into KITT.
He's got some VERY cool vid's on his site.
He used to be a Parole/Probation Agent with me in Isabella county.
WAYYY cool place.