Wednesday, February 27, 2008

William F. Buckley, RIP

There are probably four people who I could list as having been absolutely formative in helping me see the value of a limited federal government and low income taxes. One of those four, William F. Buckley, died today. When I was 15 years old, I had subscriptions to two magazines - Sports Illustrated and National Review, the conservative magazine WFB started. I learned so much from it. And him and his books. Though maybe not a household name (he actually was in our household), WFB shaped the American political landscape since World War II like few others. We named our first dog after him. Rush Limbaugh today rightly called William F. Buckley one of our "founding fathers." He will be missed but certainly not forgotten.


Aaron said...

Man, WFB and Larry Norman in one week. Rough.

Anonymous said...

A great conservative that did not believe in gay marriage, gun control or abortion. He will be missed.

Matthew said...

Hi anonymous,

Glad you approve of Mr. Buckley, but somehow I doubt he would care. After all he was a man of courage and conviction who believed in taking responsibility for his words and actions while you, on the other hard, sneak around taking snotty and anonymous little passive-aggressive potshots. Seems like this sort of activity would be beneath somebody of any worth.

You still haven't answered any of my questions. I am especially interested in your preoccupation with homosexuality--are there feelings here that you have trouble reconciling?

Surely, you're not afraid to talk about it, are you? I'm sure a mental giant such as yourself should have no trouble justifying your behavior here. Have you ever thought about how queer the sort of thing you do is?

Come on, anonymous, step up and show us what you're made of. You obviously think your superior to us --prove it. Show us something.

Anonymous said...

Matthew to answer your question yes I do have a problem with the gay marriage, and abortion. Do you? If not how can you call yourself a Christian? Would God accept this behavior? I would say not. Should a pastor support those views? Absolutely not. Does it bother me that Robb a pastor of all people supports those views? Absolutely. Do I care that you support those views. Frankly yes.

Robb said...

Wow. Once again, anonymous, you have amazed me.

Want to compare pro-life credentials with me?

Anonymous said...

Robb did you not support Guiliani who was in favor of pro-choice? Of all people a pastor is to supposed to be a role model, a leader that condemns this act. By supporting anyone with this agenda is going against those values. Matthew do you support pro-choice? Do you support same sex marriage?

Robb said...


While Rudy is personally pro-choice, he committed himself to appoint strict constructionists to the courts, which is the key to moving the pro-life agenda forward. Haven't I already made this abundantly clear on this blog?

What makes you so pro-life?

Matthew said...


First of all I'm glad to see that you're not a spambot or some sort of pervert. I was beginning to worry there for a bit.

As for your questions, actually, no, I don't support gay marriage myself; although, I don't expect gay people to care what I think. If they can find a church that will sanction their marriage, then I suppose it's between them, their church, and their conception of God. I don't think it's any of my business.

Do I think their union necessarily means anything before God or is actually sanctioned by Him based on anything I've read in the Bible. No. But as I said, I don't expect them to care.

I can tell them what the Bible says (as near as I can understand it), and I can tell them that what they're doing is wrong (at least in my opinion of what the Bible says), but I don't know that I have the right to force my viewpoint on them in any way in matters of faith.

This is what it means to live in a free country and not a theocracy. Everybody is free to interpret the scriptures for themselves (or not even concern themselves with religious matters at all) to the best of their ability and align themselves with like-minded people based on mutual conviction (or lack thereof).

My problem with you is your hatefulness towards the homosexuals (as well as your hatefulness in general). You almost seem to delight in the prospect of them going to Hell--do you think the Lord delights in losing any of his children to Hell? If so, how is it that you call yourself a Christian? Your lack of love and compassion is worrisome. If we have not love, we have nothing.

Homosexuality is sin, but it is just one sin among many. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We are either saved by God's grace or not at all. The only homosexuals who are going to Hell are the ones who haven't accepted salvation through Jesus, the same as any other sinner (whatever their sin) who hasn't accepted salvation through Jesus.

Do you know what my failing towards homosexuals is? I haven't prayed enough for them to be convicted of their sins (all of their sins, not just their unnatural lust) so that they can repent and seek forgiveness and salvation through Christ? Since you seem to be so concerned about gay people, do you spend much time praying for their salvation?

I am also concerned by your irrational perspective that you are going to convict Robb (or anyone here) of anything by anonymously spewing your hatred and bile. It's like Aaron said, why don't you have a link so that they can share their views with you on your blog? At the very least you should give a name or a pseudonym so that you might be distinguished from the other anonymous people visiting here. Do you think Robb or anybody is going to be influenced by some anonymous weirdo berating him for his opinion? If you actually did, does the term "hubris" mean anything to you?

As for Giuliani, I don't know that the other candidates would have behaved substantially differently on the matters you're so concerned with than he would have, it's just that he lied less. But then, that's just my opinion--should I burn in Hell for it?

Anonymous said...

One thing Bill Buckley was known for was his friendship even with those he completely diagreed with. Those that did not accept his beliefs all agreed that he was a friend. Maybe that is the great lesson from Bill Buckley that you could learn. This from one who was pro life long before you were born. Robb can testify to that!
"By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, that you LOVE oneanother."

Robb said...


Just an FYI - Poopsie is my dad, not the other "Anonymous."

Matthew said...

Nice to meet you, poopsie, sir. Lovely alias you've got there. ;-)

I actually created an internet alias years ago, archilochus72, but I never remember to use it.