Saturday, March 22, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Confession is good for the soul, right? Let's do some confessing. Here are some of my guilty pleasures:

- Once a year, I eat one Cadbury egg. Tonight when we are hiding the kids' Easter baskets, I will be indulging. Yummy.

- I love those clip, recap shows. Seriously, if all that was on TV was The Soup and Best Week Ever, I would be totally ok with it. Joel McHale on The Soup is absofreaking hilarious. I even download the podcast clip of the show later in the week and watch it again.

- Speaking of watching things on my iPod ... every day (sometimes more than once a day), I head to the executive bathroom at work, sit down, and play Vortex on my iPod. It is actually the part of the work day that I look most forward to.

There are more, and I will add them. Whatchyagot?


A said...

Once a year you eat ONE?!?!?! I bought several cases of them and they're half gone. Cadbury eggs might be my favorite candy, especially the caramel ones. I couldn't ever eat just one.

Looking forward to having my first cigar in 40 days tomorrow . . .

Robb said...

Yup, one once a year.

I said to Vanessa this morning that I was happy that you get to smoke a cigar tomorrow. You deserve it!

ness said...

my guilty pleasure....having garage sales.

and peanut M&Ms
and shopping alone
and ignoring messes until I'm in the mood to clean them.

Robb said...

or your husband does.

Matthew said...

I like to find the most sour candy I can and then chew it up while drinking a coke...

...and I enjoy a good horror movie or short story (or novel, for that matter) beyond description.

The Shining with Jack Nicholson was one of the best movies ever IMHO ("redrum...redRUM;" "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy;" "heeeeere's Johnny!")--it gets funnier every time I see it. ;-)

Ron said...


- I am not a Republican, but not a Democrat either. I'm not registered.

- I once ate all the cookies intended to feed the poor kids that came to church as part of "the bus ministry."

- I own and regularly listen to my Ace of Base CD.

- As a PVT in the Army I got drunk and completely vandalized my squad leader's car (he never found out and a week later he personally recognized me in front of the Regimental Commander as the "hardest working trooper in his squad.")

- Same Sqd Ldr, same Army, needed a ride to a poker game and let me join in at the table with the "big boys" for giving him a lift. They pumped me full of beer till I couldn't see, and then robbed me of 2 wks pay in several hands of Texas Hold 'em. I excused myself to the bathroom where I yakked in as many "display only" fancy hand towels and then hid them all over our host's trailor home for wife to discover later.

- dated a very famous Korean actress (I forget her name, but she was a big deal in her homeland).

- I marched out to the middle of Texas A&M's sacred, ceremony field and defiled (read: organically fertilized) it. My date fled in horror while I was left to "penquin waddle" at a dead sprint from two po'd Corps of Cadet Seniors. Good times

- I used to be a woman

Robb said...

OK - these aren't nearly as cool as Ron's, but here are a couple more of my guilty pleasures:

- I love TLC. Not the tv station or the teen conference at BBC. I love TLC, the girl group.

- And I really like Avril Lavigne songs too.

Matthew said...

Hmm...perhaps a bit too much sharing here... ;-)


Oh, who am I to talk: I like listening to Meat Loaf (the singer, not the dish...although, I do like that as well). The guy who writes his songs, Jim Steinman, could probably write some of the best Christian inspirational songs of all time if he wasn't...well...evil.

I've always thought it would be super cool to have Jim Steinman write and/or re-envision a number of gospel/spiritual songs in which the instrumentation would be performed by AC/DC with the addition of the bass player from Nazareth and with Meat Loaf doing most of the vocals. I suppose such a thing would only likely occur when pigs gain the power flight and other similarly improbable events occur, but it sounds really good in my head (oh my gosh, you have no idea...).

I suppose I should probably add wild and basically insane flights of fantasy to my list of guilty pleasures. ;-)