Thursday, March 27, 2008

Honk Against Abortion

As I drove down College Ave in Fayetteville yesterday, my attention was captured by an unusual scene. Outside of a women's clinic, a small group of anti-abortion protesters were holding their "honk against abortion" signs. This is not unusual. I have seen this group, in various sizes, many times in this same location.

What was unusual was the late middle-aged man in a white lab coat standing outside the building. I have to assume he is one of the doctors who work in this small clinic. He is probably the object of these protests. As I watched, he ran across the street and said something to the protesters. He didn't yell, but he crossed the street to be close enough to speak to them. What did he say? Was it a confrontation or was it somehow friendly?

And I got to thinking about how he must feel having his clinic, his work, even his life protested. I genuinely felt bad for him. And I decided, on this day, not to honk.

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