Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kiss Me, I'm Irish

So, I think I had a great St. Patrick's Day on Monday, and I thought I would tell you what I did.

I went to work, and noticed once I was there and saw all the people decked out head-to-toe in green that I had a green stripe in my shirt. Check.

After work, I came home and ate Irish Chicken, one of my favorite meals, the recipe for which Vanessa and I kifed from our favorite Irish pub in Lansing. Check.

I drank a Guinness. Check.

I worked on a U2 video for church on Friday night. Check.

Then I went to bed and ate a bowl of Lucky Charms while watching Conan O'Brien. Check and check.


Joe Martino said...

So you gonna share the recipe? As in Lansing Mi?

Isaiah Kallman said...

Right on. I had a Jameson served neat then followed it up with a black and tan. I shouted at the crowded bar that we had found peace in our time, then wished I still owned an orange shirt.

Tell Joe the recipe so I can invite myself over to dinner at his house.

Anonymous said...

You are Irish!. Your greatgrandmother told me when I was a teenager that her grandmother told her that her grandmother told her that her mother was a little red headed Irish lass. Turns out she was right. In doing geneological research, her name was Jones and she and her sister and family came from Ireland in the 1750-1760s and went to Canada after the Revolutionary war. The wo sisters married two brother. SOOOOOO---
away with the Orange shirts - you're IRISH!

Robb said...

Irish Chicken is a grilled chicken breast with a sauce made with butter, honey, green tabasco, and cinnamon. Wicked yummy.

And, yeah, Joe, we got the recipe at Claddagh Irish Pub in Lansing MI.

Joe Martino said...

Ok Rob, that's a good start. That's the ingredients, but I'm looking for a recipe.

Robb said...

Melt it all together and pour it on the chicken?