Monday, March 24, 2008

Obama Makes the Case for Electing McCain President

In this article, Senator Obama is quoted as saying the following,

We need a leader who can finally move beyond the divisive politics of Washington and bring Democrats, independents and Republicans together to get things done.

If this is what America needs - and I am not necessarily ceding that point - then isn't he making the case for Senator McCain rather than himself?

John McCain has been the most bipartisan politician of his generation, the very thing that makes a lot of people in his own party wary of his presidency. His legislative accomplishments - getting things done, as Senator Obama might call it - is full of bringing Democrats, independents, and Republicans together.

McCain - Feingold
McCain - Kennedy
McCain - Edwards
McCain - Liberman

In contrast, Senator Obama was named by National Journal as having the most consistently left-leaning voting record of any senator. That's not the mark of someone who brings people together from across the spectrum to get things done. And what is his list of bipartisan legislative accomplishments? There is no Obama - Lott, Obama-McConnell, or even McCain - Obama for that matter (McCain always has to be listed first as the sponsor of a bill, I think.)

This quote has me wondering, is Senator Obama going to vote for Senator McCain?


A said...

You must not be pro-life and maybe not even Christian.

Just thought I'd beat anonymous to the punch.

Robb said...

A, that made me literally laugh out loud.

Matthew said...

Poor anonymous: he (she? it?) is becoming something of a cliche.

I am surprised we haven't heard any of the "whoa to thee, O Babylon" stuff from him or that he hasn't likened himself to a voice crying out in the wilderness.

It is an interesting experience to be told that you're not a Christian and are almost certainly going to Hell because you don't hate certain kinds of people nearly enough. I always thought my failing as a Christian was that I didn't love certain kinds of people nearly enough.

I guess we can take a certain amount of comfort--dubious though it may be--that anonymous hasn't given up on us and is still trying to correct or "save" us by bringing us around to his point of view. I guess that means he cares?