Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Where Do I Go To Turn In My Northerner Card?

We got like 2 inches of snow overnight here in Northwest Arkansas. That was enough to cancel school. And ... since I had "planned ahead" and brought my work computer home with me last night, I decided not to "risk it" and worked from home today. Man, am I a wus or what?


Matthew said...

The U of A, which has only closed because of inclement weather 18 times previously in its history, was closed yesterday.

I honestly don't know what to think about that--the snow was all basically melted by noon. Also, the U of A has a policy in which people who make it in by 10:00 can count that the same as having worked a full day for days where we have inclement weather in the morning. We have that policy, but it wasn't activated. I think the higher ups just wanted a day off.

Nobody here at the U of A can throw stones at you for being a wuss, Robb, since I don't see how anybody could be any wimpier than we were yesterday. ;-)

JayBird's Joint said...

Man...and to think we used to walk 18 miles to school, 10 below 0, in 5 feet of snow, backwards and naked. Wow, times have changed...