Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Flicks

This weekend, Vanessa and I watched a couple of flicks I like a lot.

I know I must be the last one on the planet to see it, but I finally saw Juno. And I loved it. It was quirky and interesting. At first, Jason Bateman's character was the only one I really liked. And then not so much. Vanessa and I have been talking about the prolife-friendliness of Hollywood movies lately. Those who advocate abortion as a solution to unwanted pregnancies come off as irresponsible and self-absorbed. This was true in Knocked Up, where she keeps the baby and in Juno, where she gives it up for adoption. Juno is highly recommended.

Last night, we watched The Lives of Others. I saw it at the library and was reminded that I had heard Rush Limbaugh recommend it a couple of times. I am so glad we took his recommendation. The movie is set in the 1980s in communist East Germany. It tracks the story of a writer under surveillance by the Statsi, East Germany's secret police. It is a touching, haunting, beautiful story that reinforces this little world-changing idea that "love wins." The Lives of Others is highly recommended.

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