Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vintage Today

I should probably hesitate to say this as a pastor, but it is not every week (or every other week, for that matter) that I connect with God at church. I always (well, usually) want to, but for whatever reason, I just don't very often.

Today I did.

We started our month of reconciliation, focusing on how God has forgiven us. As Aaron talked, I was really taken by the idea that forgiveness is the first step in our relationship with God, that he forgives us out of his grace and mercy and everything we do comes as a response to that forgiveness. So often, I want people to grovel before I forgive them. God doesn't make me grovel.

After thinking about this, I took communion. It was an especially sweet time, not routine and cliche for me today. And then I returned to my place at the computer and was really taken by the lyrics of the songs I was projecting up on the screen.

During this time, I felt myself returning to the prayer I have praying lately. I asked God again to tell me that he loves me. He didn't, but it was strangely ok.

At the end of the service A got up and said that he felt like God was at Vintage this morning. I did too.



Sara said...

I did too. I just can't stop thinking about what A said, "Forgivness is about the forgiver not the forgivee." Blows my mind. Changes everything.

JayBird said...

Psalm 51