Monday, October 13, 2008

Big, Big, Big Win for the Browns Tonight

Braylon Edwards and the Browns just ran away from the undefeated Super Bowl champs tonight. It's a new season.


johnny a said...

haha, I caught the tail end of the game and pictured you decked out in your browns gear throwing a chip bowl accross the room in celebration

Robb said...

That is frighteningly accurate.

Autumn said...

So I was trying to find a blog for my class called "theological Mosaic" and I stumbled upon your blog instead. I was surprised and delighted by the name of your blog. I attend Mars Hill Graduate School. The Grenzian is such a wonderful name for a blog. Thank you.

wendy said...

all I'm going to say is that come November 17th, we may have words. For on that day, my beloved pastor, my buffalo bills play your browns.

Be prepared for me to show my pride that sunday.

May the best of the mediocre teams win.

Robb said...

Autumn, welcome.

Wendy, bring it.