Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just the Worst Headache of My Life

Yesterday, around 11, my head started hurting. The 4 advil I took didn't touch it, and it only got worse as the day turned into evening. By 8, I was in bed. And there I stayed. All night. All day. Ugh. I had gotten up at 6 to get ready for work, but I got really sick to my stomach while I was showering. So I went back to bed.

I hate being sick. I hate missing work. It seems lately that when I get sick, it comes out of nowhere, knocks me on my ass, and then is just gone. This one has been so strange because my only real symptom is a headache. I feel like a big dork when I am sick, like I am imposing on Vanessa to take care of me, like I am trying to garner the attention of my coworkers (... look at me, I'm sick ...), that I am selfishly taking advantage of people by not doing what I am supposed to do - get up, go to work, do my job, take care of my family, etc. It's now about 4:30 and I am starting to feel better. Finally.



Matthew said...

I'm sorry to hear about your headache, Robb.

You know, this might just be the ramblings of the resident hypochondriac, but maybe you ought to mention your headache to a doctor. While this isn't necessarily the case, sudden, severe, relatively inexplicable headaches can be a symptom of a more serious problem.

Robb said...

Matthew, my most optimistic friend.

Matthew said...

I am an optimist (ridiculously so, I might add). I would have put a bullet through my head years ago if I weren't.

In my defense, I would like to point out that I did preface the above statement with "the ramblings of the resident hypochondriac."

Better to be safe than sorry, I figure.

Anonymous said...

You must be thinking too much these days and it's finally caught up with you. I'm sure there's only a few things out there to occupy your active mind!

ness said...

And just for the record, I like having you home.