Monday, October 13, 2008

The One That I Love

At Vintage yesterday, Matthew took this picture of Vanessa, and I love it. But not as much as I love her.


Matthew said...

I thought the picture of Kathy turned out pretty well too; although, correcting her skin tones under the @#!$*! fluorescent light was deeply irksome (I'm playing with the idea of giving Mike a black and white 8X10 of either that portrait or the other). Clearly, the Lord favors you and Mike (as well as the rest of the married men in the church). :-)

Wait 'til you see the portrait profile I took of Vanessa that's actually in focus (yes, contaminated with fluorescent light but in focus! [eh, you gotta see the forest for the trees ;-) ])!

Anonymous said...

Gosh... she has an amazing hair cut!

Anonymous said...

She is hot!!

Robb said...


TrevnElly said...

great shot, matt! excellent painting, elly!