Saturday, December 13, 2008

Group Think

My small group this year at Vintage is one that is focusing on theology. When I first had the idea to have this group, I was a little nervous that it might be me and one other. I mean, really, can you think of anything more boring than talking about theology for a couple of hours every couple of weeks?

Actually ... I can.

In fact, a bunch of people signed up for the group, and about 10 of us have begun an ongoing conversation about what theology is, how we ought to think about it, how it changes us, and what it could look like in our postmodern day. It's been fascinating and exciting to be a part of this group.

My friends in the group are threatening to start a drinking game - every time I say "Stan Grenz," they'll take a drink. I don't think this is a completely bad idea.

Here is Stan Grenz, along with some others who though they've passed are still influencing the conversation we're having at Vintage every other Wednesday night.

Stanley Grenz

Wolfhart Pannenberg

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

John Calvin

And here are a couple who are still alive and, though they haven't come to Fayetteville, have certainly been a part of our conversation.

Rob Bell

John Franke

Pete Rollins



corexian said...

I'm still for the drinking game . . .

Candice Houston said...

Wow, surely there are SOME chick theologians....
I say always start a drinking game

Robb said...

Sorry Candice, only white guys are allowed to be theologians ...

Candice Houston said...

I beg to differ, just let me figure these popcorn bucket things, and I will prove my the way, excellent, excellent, excellent sermon Bobb. I love the Vintage.
Even with a naked face.

Anonymous said...

OK, young theologians both male and female: your assignment from a slightly older theologian - READ AND THINK ABOUT - Thomas C. Oden - How Afica Shaped The Christian Mind - Recovering the African Seedbed of Western Christianity, IVP Press. We all need to read and rethink the impact of African Theologians of the early centuries of Christianity.

klasieprof said...

Dietrich Bonhoeffer..I LOVE. I was SOO bummed when they removed their site. I read it every day.

Word veri--no kidding and NO comment:

jdub said...

I really think that Shane Claiborne needs to be added to your list...