Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas

This has been a different Christmas.

Lots of driving. Lots of weather. Lots of worrying. Lots of kids.

I am not much of a tradition guy, as people from churches I have previously pastored could attest. But I do love Christmas traditions. I love the routine we've crafted as a family over the last 12 years. A Christmas Eve service at church. Opening a present of PJs on Christmas Eve. Having very excited kids wake us up when they see the Christmas explosion that happened under the tree while they were sleeping. Stocking presents. Breakfast casserole and scones. Under-the-tree presents, one at a time from youngest to oldest so that we can all enjoy everything everyone has gotten. Family phone calls. Watching A Christmas Story on TBS.

This has not been a traditional Christmas. And it has felt weird because of it. Vanessa and I were talking the other day about why we just couldn't seem to get into the holiday mood this year. We ended up deciding it was because few of our traditions were going to make it into this year's celebration.

But I'm ok with that. Today is Christmas. My house in Arkansas is flooded. My mom and sister are in Iowa. My dad is alone in Virginia. We opened stockings in Michigan and under-the-tree presents in Pennsylvania.

But it's Christmas. And I love my family. And Jesus. So it's a happy Christmas.



Candice Houston said...

Happy Christmas Preacher Man!

ness said...

As long as I'm with you, it's a happy Christmas....

Sara said...

Happy Christmas to you too :)